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In our webshop concerto-audio.shop we offer well-known audio brands that we use beautifully, fun or otherwise ourselves in addition to Linn. For example: Grado Labs headphones, streaming speakers from Meredian, radios from Tivoli and Ruark.

You can order directly online and we will send the product. Collection by appointment is also possible on the lightship. We do not have the products available for demonstration here on the Lightship. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

About Concerto Audio Linn
At Concerto Audio.nl we 'do' Linn. But we do that completely and extremely well. We also offer everything Linn has to offer. We are close to home with the Linn family in Glasgow. We know what they do and why they do it, we understand their philosophy and we like to promote it.

Exclusive selection of high-end audio equipment
Expertise in system integration and installation

Visit our website concerto-audio.nl for LINN products and advice - We firmly believe that the best environment to hear Linn is at home. Therefore, make an appointment with Alex on 06 4105 7929 .

Address for appointments and collection: Mariadistelkade 6-A, 1031 JW Amsterdam