Grado labs SR225x on-ear headphones
Grado labs SR225x on-ear headphones
Grado labs SR225x on-ear headphones
Grado labs SR225x on-ear headphones
Grado labs SR225x on-ear headphones

Grado labs SR225x on-ear headphones

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On-Ear headphones in the best tradition of the handmade Prestige Series. A real Grado.

  • improved version in the Prestige Series
  • updated, 4th generation drivers
  • excellent cushioning
  • new headband
  • larger ear cushions
  • well adjustable and comfortable

Concerto Audio has been the sales point of Grado Labs in Amsterdam for 15 years. 

      Grado labs SR225x – What's on the menu?

      The SR225x are headphones from the prestigious – the name says it all – Prestige Series from Grado Labs. For the renowned brand from the heart of Brooklyn, New York, this series is an important calling card and is based on more than sixty years of development within the company, which started in 1953.

      Grado Labs


      For the Love of Fidelity, just before we get into metal and wood, the SR225x produces a fine tonal spread and liveliness that marks their place in the family. - Grade 2023

      With spot and precision

      These headphones are equipped with updated fourth-generation drivers and have an additional metal grille for better open-back airflow. The frequency range extends up to 22kHz and starts at 20Hz. Present from mega-deep to ultra-high. The x-drivers have an impedance of 38Ω, making the SR225x easy to control with a smartphone. The sensitivity is 99.8dB at 1mW. The drivers have a maximum deviation of 0.05dB from each other. That is a negligible technical value. These extremely dynamic open-back headphones are a true musical feast with control and precision. Punctual and accurate as a stopwatch. With dot.

      Grado as a top performer

      Of course, these headphones sound like a real Grado. But both the fact that the beauty is part of the Prestige Series and the many improvements that have been applied, makes the open, dynamic character very pleasant to cycle over the eardrums. You can enjoy first-class music productions, especially because of the solid body in the mid-bass, the depth in the low frequencies and the perfect presence and definition in the wide midrange. The high is soft as silk, but nevertheless excellently defined and transparent. What strikes you first is the spaciousness and the wall-to-wall soundstage with which the music is showcased.


      Type: On-Ear
      Sound Box: Open Back
      Drivers: Dynamic x driver
      Impedance: 38Ω
      Frequency range: 20Hz – 22 kHz
      Cable: eight-core, solid
      Plug connection: 3.5mm; 6.3mm adapter included
      Noice Canceling: No
      Bluetooth: No
      Sensitivity: 99.8 dB



      In a world awash with cheap electronics, Grado Labs is in its seventh decade of crafting top-flight headphones largely by hand.

      DWELL Magazine

      Their Heritage Series headphones are carved from a tree that stood near the company's original headquarters. “These trees were about to fall down, “We bought one from the city and made a bunch of headphones.


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