Model One FM radio
Model One FM radio
Model One FM radio
Model One FM radio
Model One FM radio

Model One FM radio

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The Model One FM and AM radio that Tivoli Audio amazed everyone with more than 20 years ago  high-quality sound, simplicity, only three buttons and beautiful finish. Audio pioneer Henry Kloss was the basis of this beautiful product. Are you looking for a good radio that always works? Then the model one is the best choice.

Tivoli Audio Model one

Where performance and simplicity are paramount, but space is at a premium, our original Model One table radio offers listening pleasure in the kitchen, office, study, bedroom.

Tivoli Audio Model One detail foto van bediening

Simplicity in use

With only three buttons, this is the opposite of the increasingly complex electronic products that are sold. The simple appearance of the Model One emphasizes analog craftsmanship, allowing higher sound reproduction and the best radio reception.

Tivoli Model One Classic walnoot foto van op een plak


The model one's natural reproduction of sound is the result of a wooden housing, the heavy-magnet long-throw driver linked to the audio module that automatically adjusts the output in half-octave increments. It results in a musical and accurate reproduction of music and radio.


Simple, practical controls that do what you want. A button for on/off, FM and Bluetooth, a button for volume and a tuning knob. The large tuning knob that finds channels works on a 5:1 ratio to help you find even the weakest channels.

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