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Angle Ruark Audio Smart Radio R1S
Achterkant Ruark Smart Radio R1S
Bovenkant Ruark Audio Smart Radio R1S
R1S Smart Radio

R1S Smart Radio

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Radio remains popular, as recent studies show that many still get their daily entertainment from radio. R1S takes this classic medium to a higher level. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, R1S is not just a radio; it's a compact music system that fits perfectly in your home and has enough power to provide all-day entertainment. TIP : watch the unboxing video below!

Ruark R1S - Beautiful from every angle

The R1S attracts attention with its perfect appearance and sound, matching Ruark's new design style. With the curves, a Gray finish and a handmade grille made of composite wood, the R1S has a contemporary design. The grille is crafted from sustainable woods and formulated to accurately recreate the rich tones of slow-growing hardwoods. The housing and grille fit seamlessly with the recognizable RotoDial control and the new color display.

Ruark R1S MK4

All About radio

'Radio is thriving, with recent polls showing that for many, radio is still their favorite form of entertainment during the day'

Angle Ruark Audio Smart Radio R1S

Superfast Radio

Radio is changing and with the addition of catch-up services and podcasts, now is the perfect time to discover how enjoyable this medium can be. Thanks to the SmartRadio tuner, R1S offers access to global stations, and with the growth of podcasts, R1S has a dedicated source for this popular format. The choice of stations and podcasts is huge, but R1S's search function makes it easy to find what you're looking for via the intuitive RotoDial controller.

TIP: watch the video below!

Bovenkant Ruark Audio Smart Radio R1S

Streaming music

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming, R1S becomes more attractive. It supports Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Deezer and virtually every other service available with its Bluetooth 5 receiver. The Bluetooth function remembers six devices and provides excellent sound quality. Spotify Hifi will also soon be supported.

Achterkant Ruark Smart Radio R1S

12 hours of music

The optional BatteryPack 3 connects seamlessly to R1S and, once mounted, can be left permanently in place as it charges automatically when mains power is restored. A full charge provides up to twelve hours of listening depending on volume.

By connecting the rechargeable battery pack, the R1S becomes a portable radio that you can easily take anywhere. On holiday, in the garden or on the boat. With battery status display and improved energy management, the R1S works even better and longer.

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