Series 3 - 301 & 302 Streaming stereo system
Series 3 - 301 & 302 Streaming stereo system

Series 3 - 301 & 302 Streaming stereo system

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Series 3 wireless stereo system consisting of the 301 in combination with the 302 partner speaker. An all-in-one, wireless music system that offers exceptional Linn performance and exudes elegance in every way. The 3 series is designed to fit seamlessly anywhere in your home and with Exakt technology to provide every room with optimal sound.

  • Digital streaming via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Airplay
  • Features LINN's patented Exakt technology
  • Connect your TV via HDMI ARC
  • Connects directly to a wide range of music streaming services
  • Connects directly to a wide range of music streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify or control the Linn with Roon.
  • Series 3 speaker can be expanded with a partner speaker.

Linn does it again!

We have known for some time that Linn is stubborn. Frankly, that's what attracted us to the Scottish brand. What have they done: Linn has reduced the technology of the Exakt line into a product that will not only appeal to existing Linn customers, but will also bring new customers into contact with Linn quality. In fact, with this product, people who are interested in good music will finally be able to buy something that they will enjoy for a long time.


Music system

A design that fits your life. A sound quality that makes it.

Without further ado

Tataa: the Linn Series 3. The best wireless speaker. In the world. Not only have they managed to incorporate the quality of their top line, they have also given it a face that is as timeless as it is unique. The specifications don't lie and leave us salivating.

7 kilos

You could call their egg of Columbus cute with its 30 x 25 x 21 cm, but its 7 kilos of musical weight quickly makes you think. Wired or wireless, the specifications of the Series 3 promise us music squared, but in a way that is contemporary. So easy to operate, stream with the well-known providers, from your smartphone, next to the TV, it's all possible. Wait next to the TV?

301 & 302

The Series 3 is not called that for nothing and consists of several models. We have the 301 and 302. It's very simple: the 301 is an all-in-one wireless speaker system. Plug it in and go. If you buy several, you can create a multi-room system in no time. The 302, on the other hand, is used to create a stereo system together with the 301. What do you mean next to the TV? It's going to be hard to say no to a Series 3, or two.

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